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What is Painal?

The answer to this question may seem straight forward to those vanilla folks out there, or to the less adventurous who are fearful of anal sex. However, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to anal sex. And when anal pleasure is deliberately turned into painal, there’s more to say on the subject than most people know.

Painal, in the simplest sense, is the act of anal intercourse with a person, persons, object, or objects, which is done in a way in which the bottom experiences discomfort and intense pain as part of the experience. Whew. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what this really is and why anyone would want to do it, much less enjoy it.

Painal is Consensual

Before we walk down this dark and sacred path, let’s take a moment to discuss consent. When it comes to painal, especially the kind which is found in porn, consent is a critical component. In the adult film production industry, painal is a hot button for many viewers. As a result, there are many producers who call on talent to give and/or take painful anal sex.

If the production is in America, any sex act must be consensual. If a bottom has not given consent, or if he or she is under the influence of chemicals, consent is not implied. Without question, painal without consent is rape, and while an exciting roleplaying subject for fetish play, true non-consensual rape is a lascivious and despicable act and should never be tolerated.

That being said, painal in the genre of kink and especially spanking, is often used as way to punish a bottom. Whether that punishment is simply for a couple’s sadomasochistic pleasure, or as a way to discipline the behavior of another, it must always be consensual.

Anal and the Path to Painal

It goes without saying that when pain is intentionally inflicted by one person on another in a sexual manner (with consent, mind you) it’s usually kinky. This doesn’t mean that both parties need to be clad in black leather, vinyl, and shiny steel studs. It does mean that the people involved who enjoy it are doing it because causing, or receiving, pain during sexual play gets them off.

The anus and surrounding tissues that make up the ass area contain a lot of nerves. These nerves go up inside the rectum and, especially for men, against the perennial wall. (The inside of the taint, for those not fully educated in anatomy.) When an object is inserted into the ass, there are many sensations that a person feels.

To begin with, massaging of the tissue around the sphincter (the asshole) is an exquisite pleasure all on its own. This area is highly sensitive and, due to its proximity to the genitals, any sensation in this area can be highly sexually exciting.

Next, there are the outer and inner sphincters. These muscles, which are similar in composition to a pair of lips, are designed to be held tightly closed and only allow certain object through. When objects enter the anal opening, the inner and outer sphincters are always stimulated. Much of the pain that comes from anal sex is due to the stretching of these two muscles.

As an object, such as an erect penis, a dildo, or even a pool cue, continues up inside the anus, the walls of the rectum form a number of valves around it. While they are intended to move things out, they also tighten on things going in. Another source of pain during anal sex comes from objects striking or catching on the tissues making up the inner rectal wall.

Finally, at the end of the rectum the whole thing take about a 90 degree turn into the sigmoid rectum. When longer objects are inserted into the anus, they may hit the wall of the sigmoid. This can also be very painful.

Now, the causes of painal are summed up as:

  •         Inner and outer sphincters stretched by objects being inserted
  •         Objects striking or catching on walls of anal cavity (valves and wall tissue)
  •         Objects striking the back of the anal cavity, the sigmoid rectum

Painal for Sadomasochists (or Painal for Pleasure)

The fear of many that refuse to take part in anal sex comes from the thought of intense pain in and around the anus. When foreign objects go in, they are very likely to make some sort of unpleasant contact with the muscles and tissue inside.

The fact is, this is inevitable. For those who wish to simply enjoy the pleasure of a good anal insertion, sans pain, there are methods for training the asshole, loosening the muscles, and learning how to position and move to avoid such interactions.

That’s not what we’re here for, though. We’re here because we LOVE painal sex. It arouses us. The trifecta of painal pleasure comes from one of three things:

  •         Pleasure from being the bottom
  •         Pleasure from being the top
  •         Pleasure from watching

The bottom that enjoys painal is a hard-sought-after object of great worth. Many a horny man has tried to coax his girlfriend, or boyfriend, or boy/girlfriend, into taking his cock in their tight ass. Many has been turned down. What we all know is that the sensation of having that tight hole wrapped around our dick is amazing by itself. But, add the sensation of control, punishment, and power that comes with doing it forcefully and the experience takes on a whole new level of eroticism.

Painal and the experience that it brings is most often about the basest of human desire: to control, or be controlled. It’s all about power play, because if you’re on top and someone has consented and submitted to your wilful desire to take their power, both of you have embraced your place in the moment.

Painal as Punishment

When a submissive partner violates the rules of their dominant counterpart in a BDSM or spanko relationship, it is agreed, most often, that he or she shall receive punishment. The focal point of spanking and painal punishment is the actual punishment and the power that comes with using intense pain to control another.

As a dominant, taking an object and forcing it into a bottom’s ass is a very clear statement of ownership. With force and deliberate rough treatment, the bottom is given an experience that is “in theory” a negative reinforcement of undesirable behavior.

The truth is, every dominant man wants a “brat” to subjugate to their will. They want that person to fight so that they can, in turn, take control and use their sexuality to put them in their place.

Painal is most often used in spanking, BDSM, and fetish play because:

  •         Painal is taboo – you’re not supposed to do it, some say, and doing something you’re not supposed to do is usually very fun
  •         Painal is power – when you force your phallus into that naughty little asshole, you take the bottom’s power and state clearly, “you are not in control. I am.”
  •         Painal is degradation at its core – Some people think degradation is bad. If it’s an agreed upon and desired part of the relationship, being degraded is highly arousing
  •         Pain can be true punishment – In a sexually active relationship, when the bottom breaks a rule and upsets the top, painal can be considered to be highly displeasurable. Again, this is highly stimulating to the top, and the sense of security and love that a bottom feels when someone is willing to punish them for their actions is immense.

All in all, painal is just an activity that many enjoy. The naughty girls and boys of Spanking Studios are receiving painal as an open act of punishment sex. This is being done for the pleasure of the audience who wants to watch as the bottom is properly spanked red and raw before having their little ass forcefully pounded.