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Alex More OTK Spanking Part 1 (24)

What’s the Difference Between Spanko’s and BDSM?

What’s the Difference Between Spanko’s and BDSM? From the outside looking in, spanking is an integral part of the BDSM lifestyle. When a submissive or slave breaks a rule or commits some infraction, or when a sadistic Dom, or Domme, or Top, and so on, decides it fancies them, punishment

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Anjee Lowe getting fucked in the ass by her landlord - Spanking Studios - Anjee Lowe Spanked and Ass Fucked for paying rent late

What is Painal?

What is Painal? The answer to this question may seem straight forward to those vanilla folks out there, or to the less adventurous who are fearful of anal sex. However, there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to anal sex. And when anal pleasure is deliberately

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