What is Financial Domination?

Sal Marquez' Spanked BottomThe concept is simple enough. The submissive in the FinDom relationship has a fetish for giving his Dominant money. His power is his money, and giving his money to his Domme gives him pleasure. Whether that pleasure is sexual, or psychological, or both, giving power to the Dominant is key.

This power play becomes much more complex in the execution, the protocol shared between the players, and the correct response of the Domme. This fetish is not as simple as a person giving another person money to get their rocks off. It has much more to do with the reciprocation of the Dominant for their tributes.

Tributes are the Submissive’s Role

It should be obvious that a tribute is simply the giving of a gift, financial or otherwise, to another person as a demonstration of respect and submission. A tribute is not to be mistaken with something like a payment for services, in this case. This is not a submissive paying another person for their dominance, as in something like a Pro Domme relationship. This is about showing one’s loyalty through financial submission.

Recourse, Dominance, and Proper Response are Expected of the Dominant

In the world of online fetish, there are plenty of scams. Domme after Domme talks to men and makes her way to get them erect and anxious to play. And then, once the financial sub gives his tribute, the Domme disappears. This is BAD BUSINESS!

The proper response is a return of dominance. The submissive wants more than to just give money. He wants to receive the humiliation, degradation, or praise that he is seeking. It is the Dominant’s obligation, for those who wish to actually form a proper relationship, to respond to the submissive’s tributes.

There are many levels and many fetishes which are served through this dominance. The response that a FinDom provides will fuel the submissive’s desires, and both parties will get what they want.

Financial Domination Fetishes

Some of the fetishes which relate to financial domination and tribute are:

  • Humiliation – the Dominant will talk to the submissive in a humiliating way, or will direct them to do things which are humiliating. For example, she may tell her submissive that he has a small dick, or that he’s a disgusting pig. She may tell him to shove his fingers up his own ass, or put on panties and a bra, a crossover to sissification.
  • Degradation – similar to humiliation, degradation is all about saying things to make the submissive feel more inferior. Telling him that he has a small dick is both humiliating and degrading. She may tell him that he is a loser who gives her money because he is a pathetic money slut. Or, she will tell him to drink water from a dog bowl. This is not just about the humiliation, but about making him act out in a way that shows that he is a lesser person.
  • Slavery – in a Mistress/slave relationship, the Dominant gives the submissive orders to follow. In response, the slave carries out those actions in obedience. With financial domination, one approach is that the slave will give tribute to their Dominant in return for being commanded to do something, such as clean the Dominant’s house, or lick her feet, or play with themselves. There are many variations and a whole separate blog, or many blogs, could cover this issue at length.
    • NOTE: This is not to be confused with actually forced slavery. (We absolutely do NOT condone non-consensual acts of any kind. Real slavery is an abhorrent and truly dehumanizing practice which should be punishable by life in prison.)
  • Sissification – this is a very popular fetish among many “clost fetishists.” Sissification is the act of forcing a male submissive to dress up as a female. This may be involved with age play, in which the male is directed to dress up as a little girl, or simply with cross-dressing, queening, or transexual transformation. The act of putting on panties, a bra, a skirt, or dress, makeup, wigs, and more, is something that many submissive men find very arousing.
  • Spanking – it may be that by giving tribute, a male submissive is requesting to be punished. This may seem counter-intuitive, but sexuality is a very complex subject. It is very straight-forward. The submissive pays the Dominant in exchange for a spanking, whether that spanking is playful, punishing, or severe.

This list can go on and on. The great thing about the world of BDSM, kink, and fetish, is that there are so many ways in which a person can find pleasure. All one has to do to find their place is go online and search it out, or even attend an event, party, or social meeting in which other, like-minded people meet.

Where can I find Financial Domination?

The best places to start are on kink-focused social sites, or local meetings. Online kink sites that provide the most results are legitimate. They will always provide real people with the opportunity to meet other real people. Some of these sites include:

  • Collarspace.com – Collarspace started out as collarme.com a very long time ago. The site features a surprisingly large following of kink-friendly individuals who have an enormously wide variety of fetishes. Financial domination is simply one of these fetishes. A simple keyword search will provide plenty of results. The next step is finding the right person.
  • FetLife – FetLife is an amazing and unique fetish social site where an enormous culmination of kinksters exist. People from all over the world are on FetLife and there are many of them. Start with a profile. The most productive way to find like-minded financial fetishists is through joining groups, and stating your fetishes.

The fetish feature on FetLife allows you to make a list of the things that you are interested in.

A few strategies to improve your chances of finding that lurid partner can be found in our article on “How to Make a Better Kinky Social Profile.”

NOTE: It is always recommended that males do NOT post a picture of their dick. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT! Seriously. Please refrain from dick-pics.

  • Spanko.net – It should be obvious that Spanko is all about spanko’s. While this site is not directly about financial domination, there are plenty of people who have the fetish. It is all a matter of finding the right person who will take tributes and give you spankings in return. What a fun way to spend the afternoon!

Financial Domination on Spanking Studios

Spanking Studios has a core format of spanking and anal sex in the form of punishment. We know that there is a greater need for this material and we intend to fill that niche with plenty of titillating content.

One fetish, of many, that we intend to fill is the aspect of financial domination. In one upcoming video, viewers will have the opportunity to see our very own pain pig receive a very hard punishment spanking and rough anal pegging. This is all for his failure to pay his Financial Domina what she deserves. We truly hope that we are able to fill this niche and produce content that will satisfy every masturbator’s need for highly arousing video.