Male Models

Male Models

Master Kaos

Kaos is well-known for his heavy spanking and punishment anal style. His girls know not to disobey their Daddy. When they do, he delivers a punishment they will never forget. And neither will you!

Spanking Studios Sal Marquez male model profile picture - fem domme spanking and anal

Sal Marquez

Tall, chiseled jawline, full lips, beautiful body, early to set, very nice to work with, that just scratches the surface of who Sal is. He kindly flew down from N. California to work with us and we will always be thankful. We really hope to work with him very, very, soon!

Spanking Studios Shawn Fox lecturing Savannah Fox before her paddling and ass fucking

Shawn Fox

Just WOW! He has an incredible body and a huge dick but wait, there’s more! He was also very nice, lots of energy, loved how open he was, incredibly professional. It was so much fun hanging out with Shawn! We really want to work with him again, very soon!