Girl Girl Spanking and Anal Sex

Girl on Girl Spanking and Anal Sex

Spanking Studios video Cricket Rose and Mistress Fiona disappointed

Cricket Rose Spanked Hard and Rough Fucked in the Ass by Mistress Fiona

Naughty submissive Cricket Rose forgot to do her anal training. Now, Misstress Fiona is going to make sure Cricket learns that when you’re given directions, you either follow them, or you get a long, hard spanking.

Let’s not forget, of course, anal stretching, fucking, and plugging!

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We just adore Alex More & Savannah Fox! She called to let us know she was going to be a little late. We appreciate that so very much since we had an actual no-show, no-call model. And she was only a few minutes late. When we opened the door, wow, worth every second of waiting. Cute as she can be, sweet beyond words, and totally professional. When the amazingly hot ass Savannah Fox arrived, we asked her if she would not mind disciplining Alex since our other model never showed. Savannah was all in. Literally. We hope to have these girls back so many times, they will be our regulars. A shoot just could not have gone any better.
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