Boy Girl Spanking and Anal Sex

Girls Getting Spanked and Fucked in the Ass

Sweet Melissa Sweet

It is not nice to cheat and for that you got beat and your ass was violated to make sure that the lesson on being loyal will not soon be forgotten.

Tsk, tsk!



Oh Little Miss Luna Lolita! Did you get into trouble or what?

Playing with your Poly Sisters without permission? Ohhhh. Yikes. Daddy did not like that!

This is an epic spanking, caning, and forced painal session that we won’t forget and neither will you once you see it. 


Poor Anjee!

She didn’t pay her rent… for 6 MONTHS.

I mean, a girl has needs, like a pair of new Christian Louboutins, and sometimes rent just must wait! We feel ya girl!

Men don’t understand that logic, most of the time. Anjee’s boyfriend absolutely did not get it and as a result, poor Anjee suffers the consequences of a hard spanking and cock being shoved in her ass. 

We had a model no-show but our very sweet Alex More showed up (a little late but things happen, we get it)! So what do we do with this beautiful little creature sitting in front of us? Luckily we had a second shoot set up with Savannah and Shawn Fox. While Shawn went and tended to their new puppy, we asked Savannah is she would mind disciplining little Miss More. Savannah, always the one in it for fun, said “of course!”. And we could not have been happier that we had a flakey model!
Shawn: “WTF? You played without me?”
See that giggle on Savannah’s face? That did not last long.